Heating and cooling system

Today, various methods are used for heating and cooling greenhouses, these methods are often not cost-effective in terms of the consumption of resources such as water and energy and are not highly efficient.

Alusys experts analyze the heating and cooling conditions of a greenhouse by using the average of 30 years of climatic and meteorological data and provide the customer with appropriate solutions for choosing a heating and cooling system.

One of the most modern cooling systems in greenhouses is a semi-closed system, the basis of which is similar to the fan and pad system, but instead of removing the moist air from the greenhouse, it is recirculated and recovered for use, which reduces There is a significant increase in water and energy consumption.

In the heating sector, central heating systems with boilers are considered the best solution for modern greenhouses, which provide more uniform heating than other heating systems.

Of course, according to the climatic and geographical conditions of the region, Alusys experts offer various other suggestions for reducing energy consumption, for example, we can mention geothermal energy, which has a performance factor of about 3-4.

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