steel structure

  • Columns of the opening face and the side face can be installed on top of the concrete foundation using bolts and nuts.
  • All hot dip galvanized materials are manufactured according to ISO 1461 standard and all bolts and nuts are mechanically galvanized. It should be noted that the minimum thickness of galvanized in this method is 60 microns, which increases the life of the structure.
  • The entire construction will be done according to the Dutch construction standard NEN 3859.

Internal column

  • hollow-square section 5´60´120 mm (St 37)

Side wall columns

  • Two pieces for each part of 5 meters
  • hollow-square section 3´80´140 mm (St 37)

The columns of the opening face

  • For every 4 meters of opening
  • hollow-square section 4´140´140 mm (St 37)

8 meter truss

  • Upper beam hollow-square section 4´40´60 mm (St 37)
  • Lower beam hollow-square section 4´40´60 mm (St 37)
  • Diagonal hollow-square section 3´30´30 mm (St 37)
  • Upper plate 5´50 mm
  • Height 490 mm
  • Installation of two M12 bolts

Side winder

  • Windshield made of 2 rows of solid steel Ø 10 mm for each chamber, which are connected using bolts and nuts.
  • Bottom connecting beam: 3´50´120 mm hollow-square section that are installed between concrete columns.
  • Top tie beam: 2´50´50 mm box which is installed between the columns and 300 mm below the gutter.

Ceiling winder

  • In order to increase the resistance of the structure against bending and reduce the per capita amount of iron, these wind braces have been used, whose characteristics are similar to the lateral brace and its location is determined based on the structural calculations.
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