Design and calculations

All stages of design and implementation of Better Farm greenhouses are carried out taking into account external standards such as the standard of the World Agriculture Organization FAO, the United States Greenhouse Builders Association NGMA and internal standards such as 15565 of the National Standard Organization and 472 publications of the country’s planning and budget organization.

On the other hand, using the world’s latest software, Better Farm experts have simulated all stages of a greenhouse from design to harvest in order to properly identify the needs of a greenhouse with regard to its product in order to solve them when necessary.

The design of the structure and the entire facility is done to achieve the highest performance and at the same time reduce the cost, and in other words, the goal of Better Farm’s top greenhouse designers is to achieve the minimum input and energy consumption.

Product growth with minimum energy consumption, minimum water and fertilizer consumption, increasing yield and reaching the highest profit are the parameters that Better Farm greenhouse designers optimize their designs based on.

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