History and mission

Paya Takhte-Jamshid Holding, with a long history in various construction projects in the country in the design, production and execution phases, relying on the scientific power of its engineers, is considered as a leading example in providing engineering solutions. After observing the needs of the agricultural industry, it has designed, produced and implemented modern greenhouses in different ways under the BetterFarm brand, which are designed and provided to customers based on the most up-to-date technology in the world.

With the increase in world population, environmental problems and existing and future water shortages, it is necessary to consider appropriate solutions. Therefore, we believe that glass greenhouses can be an effective solution to solve some of these problems, because with less water consumption and better management, product yield and quality can be increased.

Therefore, this group started its activity in the field of glass greenhouses several years ago and has always tried to play an effective role in the agricultural industry of this ecosystem and region.

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