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Considering the ever-increasing population growth in recent centuries, as well as the reduction of agricultural land and the lack of drinking water, the need to increase productivity is essential, greenhouse cultivation is a practical solution for the production of all kinds of agricultural products throughout the year and weather conditions. At Betterfarm, engineering, technology and experience are integrated, leading to the construction of modern, environmentally friendly greenhouses with the highest efficiency.

Our experts will accompany you in all stages of design and structural engineering, consulting, sales, production, construction, operation and after-sales services of greenhouses. We use the latest technology for the design of greenhouses. The excellent quality of materials and equipment, together with professional construction work, guarantee a long life for our greenhouses, even in the most difficult climatic conditions.

Do you have questions about the construction of a greenhouse and its costs?

Contact information

Office number 1

Tehran - Fiyazi (Fereshte) St. - Bidar St. - No. 5 - Unit 28 - Phone: 02122658185

Office number 2

Middle East Botanical Research Center - Yemen St. - Volenjak St., Tehran - Phone: 02122658196


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